The purpose of this section of the site is to allow us to showcase or preview poems in our publications. We hope to invite writers of the poems to respond and give their view of the work.

Poetry in the rialto

Sanctuary by Kate White

I admire the way this poem dances between the worlds of the medieval anchoress and the modern urban landscape ( I think this phone box is historically a bit earlier than now, sometime before we all got hold of mobile phones). I like the playful contrasts between the language of ‘epiphany’ and ‘anointed’ and that of the ‘closed off-licence’ and the lack of sex workers ‘cards’…

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Rialto Blogs

Poetry champs

I’ve just had the slightly daunting task of trying to find all The Rialto covers from the last 25 years, scattered as they are to the four winds, or

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Launch Party 1984

Launch Party

Originally uploaded by Rialto Poetry Magazine

Michael M has procured a few photos from way back in the mid 1980s, when The Rialto first thrust its shoots

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Helena Nelson

It began when Helena’s pamphlet collection, Mr and Mrs Philpott on Holiday at Aucherawe & Other Poems, was published by Kettillonia Press ( in 2001.

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