Should you want to send us your work for consideration, here's how to do it.

We are always looking for new poets and new poems.

You are very welcome to send your poems to be considered for publication.

Please send no more than six at a time.

Poems should not have been published anywhere, in print or online.


submittable-submit-buttonOnline submissions

Our Submittable is currently closed

When open you may send poems online through our Submittable portal, or by post.

Please put the poems into one Word document. Start each poem on a new page, and put your name and/or email address on each page (in case we want to print a poem out).

Include your postal address, phone number and email address in your cover letter.


Submitting by post

Paper poems should be posted to:


Please include a stamped self addressed envelope for their return. If you would rather you can request that we reply by email instead, in which case please include an instruction and email address with your work.

Please ensure that the envelope is large enough (C5 is a useful size) and has sufficient postage for all your work.

If you don’t want to see your poems again please say so clearly, but do note that they will not be shredded before being recycled. You must still include an s.s.a.e for our reply.

You can request that we reply by email instead, in which case please include an instruction and email address with your work.


Other information

A large number of poems arrive every week. We aim to reply to you within three months, though it may take longer especially if we are considering your poems for the magazine. The editor usually announces which month’s intake he is reading in our online Newsletter.

We don’t, at least for the time being, have a problem with you sending your poems to other magazines while you wait to hear from The Rialto. If someone else accepts a poem of yours while it’s also out with us, please withdraw it by emailing info@therialto.co.uk.

Please note: email submissions of poems will not be accepted nor will links to work via Social Media.

We currently pay £20 per poem on publication.

It is a good idea to read The Rialto before sending any of your work. You would, of course, delight us by becoming a subscriber.

For the time being articles and reviews will be commissioned. Thank you for sending us your poems.

Subscribing to The Rialto

If you’re already a subscriber then many thanks for the support as we cannot survive without you!

If you don’t yet subscribe, or you have let this lapse, please do consider it carefully. It’s just £24.00 for an annual UK subscription (£19 for people living in the UK on a low income).  For everyone overseas it’s £36 (£24 plus £12 shipping charge).

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