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April 2016

I thought that as it’s April I’d put a photo of primroses at the head of this Newsletter. So I went up to the coast to the place I thought I’d get a good picture, along the cliffs east of Cromer (yes, contrary to the famous Noel Coward quote, there...

The Rialto at Aldeburgh – November 2015

When I open my bedroom curtain to a wall of yellow I know it’s time for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. The leaves are on sycamores rooted part way down a steep embankment, so I get the full canopy at eye level. This year one big tree has gone brilliant yellow, gold in the early sun, but the other is still green.



  FIGHT SONG August 2014   A crisis on a monitor, and there’s this football field, white chalk formalizing grass, a spongy black track where I walk off my no-baby weight. A deadline has passed, so a journalist will leave this world violently as I go around...

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Kate Wakeling on Writing

It’s taken me ages to find my way with writing, to feel that I was allowed, internally, to get on with it. From there, it’s been a brilliant and slightly terrifying experience to put a first pamphlet together, and I’ve maybe not yet quite caught up with the idea of it...

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What are they looking for?

Shall I let you into a secret? Despite writing poetry seriously since 2010, despite my MA in Creative Writing and despite running a poetry magazine since 2012, I often think I have no idea what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s true. The nagging suspicion that I’m winging it...

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The Tempest at the Hippodrome

If you can get to Great Yarmouth this week please do so and go to the Hippodrome. They’ve got the most astonishing production of The Tempest that I’ve ever seen. The Hippodome is an old indoor circus space, it’s a bit like being inside a work by...

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The Cab Rank Principle

I’ve been thinking about the law over the last couple of weeks. Not that I’m in any trouble I hasten to add – apart from the usual one that I’m sure some of you have also been quizzed on by other members of the family…

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Laura Scott goes to Greece

Laura Scott goes to Greece

My Rialto pamphlet won the Michael Marks prize, and part of the prize is that you get to go to Greece for two weeks to be the poet in residence for Harvard University’s Hellenic summer school. I think if someone were to ask me what was the best single thing about this experience, I would say that it showed me how to write about big things without fear.