There’s a real consistency of voice throughout and an indomitable sense of the poet facing up to their chosen subject matter; ‘no wonder we escape bodies that sink /
or encage ourselves in sewered shame’. ‘There was a hole’ and ‘Alright really’ are deceptively simple poems – and all the more powerful for it – which make use of a fine storytelling gift. ‘I am not straight’ is a particularly good example of a very tender form of directness. ‘Life imitates porn’ has an extraordinary final couplet: ‘the cum face is fake / & the dicks are on drugs’. Great variety and play, e.g. the ‘demi-ekphrastic poem’ ‘Cock & Balls’. The last two poems, ‘Three Crows’ and ‘Half-rotten, Half-new’ – both in part about fathers and forgiveness – are stunning: open, redemptive, beautiful.

Will Harris.



Queerfella – Simon Maddrell

Simon Maddrell is a queer born Manx man, thriving with HIV. Brought up in Bolton, Lancashire, he recently moved to Brighton and Hove after 20 years in London. His debut pamphlet Throatbone was published by UnCollected Press (2020). He describes Queerfella as a ‘journey from shame to unashamed’.

£6 inc P&P (UK)

ISBN 978-1-909632-12-7
Wire bound pamphlet, 36pp including cover.