We have now received the results of the 2024 Nature and Place Poetry Competition back from Zaffar Kunial and are delighted to announce that the winners are:

1st Prize of £1000 – ‘Fox’ – Marianne MacRae
2nd Prize of £500 – ‘Extinction Submission’ – AV Bridgwood
3rd Prize of £250 – ‘Deluge’ – Tim Tim Cheng

The three prize winning poems will be published in issue 102 of The Rialto.

Zaffar also selected seven highly commended poems:

‘Twenty Minutes After Sunset’ – Jo Dixon
‘Ode to a Giant Puffball’ – Sam Phipps
‘Extracts from Finches’ – Ian Dudley
‘Fricatives of the Western Wood Peewee’ – Isi Unikowski
‘shell.smile.tribes’ – Kirsten Luckins
‘The Woman in the Snow’ – Lucy Watt
‘Ode to a Cornish Hedge’ – Pascale Petit

The link to the Long List below is not a list of all the poems submitted to the competition, it lists those poems that were still in the running right to up to the late stages of the judging. Please don’t be disheartened if your work doesn’t appear on this list! Once again, we had a huge response to the competition, receiving around 3000 poems from 1500 poets.

The quality of the writing submitted and the deep engagement with our theme is always astonishing and indeed heartening. Every poem entered makes a difference to nature and poetry.

Many thanks to Zaffar for his generosity in working with us and indeed to all of you who entered.

We will shortly be announcing details of an event that will feature a reading by Zaffar Kunial and our winners. This is planned for Wednesday 14th August. Further details will be announced in due course.

Long list

Please be aware the long list is only representative of a part of the process of selection and does not include all entrants. The judging is a difficult process of elimination, from the thousands of poems received one hundred or so poems go on to the long list, a short list is then compiled and from that a list of winners and highly commended poems.

We are grateful for all submissions, the standard this year was exceptional.


Alicia Byrne Keane

wait for light now

Alison J Barton

Acairsaid Mhor Gometra

Anna Selby

Gaia Observes A Human Being

Anna Selby


Anne berkeley

Coral Snake

Anthony Lawrence

February Cotswolds Walk

Aoife Mannix

Extinction Submission

AV Bridgwood

Call Your Dad

AV Bridgwood


Ben Verinder


Bex Hainsworth

Western Pygmy Possum, Eyre

Cath Drake

First Sun

Christian Ward

This morning’s birdsong, transcribed

Claire Collison

An overall net gain for displaced bird species

Claire Miller

A Turtle Carrying More Than Home

David Bottomley

For The Re-Homing Team

David Garbutt

Horse From the Bathroom Window

David Gilbert

Shell/Skull: meditations on a brain tumour diagnosis

Di Slaney

The lack

Di Slaney

Asinus Minor

Di Slaney

The Death of a Foal

Finola Cahill


Fiona Moore

Song of the Lochs

Fiona Moore

As The Platypus Does

Freya Bantiff

Kakapao Egg Earth

Freya Bantiff

When I Say I Want Children

Freya Bantiff

The Brief Moment of Grace of a Pigeon

Gareth Flint

Extracts IV, V, IX, and XI from Finches

Ian Dudley

Fricatives of the Western Wood Peewee

Isi Unikowski

Sometimes they Recover

Jane Routh

Were You Born in a Field?

Janet Dean

Edinburgh to Fionnphort

Jay Whittaker

Designated Land

Jennifer Edgecombe

Starry Starry Night

Jenny McRobert

Birds & Powerlines

Jey Ley

Gulls cry on dry tomb

Jo Davis

Twenty Minutes After Sunset

Jo Dixon

Calm Within The Pyrocene

Jo Lyons

Early Almond

Joanna Wright

In another life

Julia Deakin


Karan Chambers


Kaycee Hil

Take Me With You

Kerry Darbishire

Be With

Kevin Smith


Kirsten Luckins

The Character of Small English Villages is Inevitably Sinister

Kym Deyn

Detail of bees on a French lace fichu, early 19th Century

Laura McKee

what I learned from the nurse at my mother’s care home

Laura McKee

The Tuesday Swim Club Meets a New Member

Lesley Curwen

Panamanian Gold

Linda Goulden

This Lizard

Linda Goulden

Luscinia: a poem for a wounded songline

Lindsay McLeod Espinoza

Wild Swimming

Liz Byrne


Lorna Meehan

Peacock in the Car Park

Louise G Cole

The Woman In The Snow

Lucy Watt

Bombs are falling but not here

Maria Ferguson

A letter to my husband from the Northumbrian coast

Maria Ferguson

To the sea, I must go to the sea, the sea is life

Mariam Saidan

because I did not want to stay indoors

Marianne MacRae


Marianne MacRae

Rules of Wolf

Marie-Louise Eyres

Afternoons – I walk beside you

Matt Nicholson

Sea Foam

Michael Askew

Snow Globe

Miyo Jade Jappie

One hundred animals

Nadine El-Enany

The New Carthaginian

Nick Makoha

Ode to a Cornish Hedge 

Pascale Petit

Maman Argiope 

Pascale Petit

The Lexicon of Extinction

Paul Murray

A Foreign Country

Peter Wellby

What Did You Do With All That Sky In Summer

Poppy Stevens

Please Accept My Condolences  

Rachael Clyne

Wormwood moonshiner (Amara fusca)

Rachel Bower

For So Long

Raya Yarbrough

Saint Gilles

Robert Maslen

On Clapham Common

Rory Meade

I did a good job

Sam Gluck

Ode to a Giant Puffball

Sam Phipps

Land Nor River Never Said

Sam Phipps


Sam Szanto

I bloody love toads

Sandra Noel

North Star 

Sarah-Clare Conlon

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Simon Gardner

Only some of this is true

Sophia Argyris

Blue-Ringed Octopus

Sue Proffitt

1964 To Noroway o’er the Faem

Susan Holland


Susan Holland

Song Thrush Nesting In My Own Back Garden

Suzanne Iuppa


Tamara Evans


Tim Tim Cheng

The Poetry Group Takes A Walk In Ashdown Forest. 

Veronica Beedham

in response to bracken

Victoria Gatehouse

Twenty-One in a Field

Victoria Gatehouse

On the Red List

Virginia Griem