We have now received the results of the Nature and Place Poetry Competition back from Pascale Petit and are delighted to announce that the winners are:

1st Prize of £1000 – ‘Hermit Crab in a Doll’s Head’ by Cindy Botha

2nd Prize of £500 – ‘Insects’ by P Q R Anderson

3rd Prize of £250 – ‘Rain Wolf’ by Jim Lloyd

Additional Prize of a personal tour with Mark Cocker of his most cherished wildlife places in East Anglia – ‘Hericium’ by Ella Duffy

The four prize winning poems will be published in issue 94 of The Rialto.

Pascale also selected five highly commended poems:

‘Something to show for it’ by Luke Allan

‘Breakdown’ by Luke Yates

‘Natural History’ by Luke Yates

‘Round-leaved Crowfoot at Hopton Castle’ by Jo Peters

‘Verticality’ by Jemma Borg

It was a fantastic year for the competition with an amazing abundance of wonderful writing. It really is a special thing, making a difference to nature and poetry. Many thanks to Pascale and Mark Cocker for their generosity in working with us and indeed to all of you who entered.

We will shortly be announcing details of the online event that will feature a reading by Pascale Petit and our winners. This is planned for Thursday 24th September. Further details will be posted here in due course.


Long list
Please be aware the long list is only representative of a part of the process of selection and does not include all entrants. The judging is a difficult process of elimination, from the thousands of poems received one hundred or so poems go on to the long list, a short list is then compiled and from that a list of winners and highly commended poems.
We are grateful for all submissions, the standard this year was exceptional.


Nature and Place Longlisted entries 2020


Bewl Water

Adam Goodyer

Aperture Dawn

Adam Goodyer

As a mother, I must explain

Aggie Rothon

The Garden Buffaloes

Alasdair Reid

vvenus vs power (men)

Alexandra Tiss

On Receiving A Text Message Containing a Bird Photo

Alice Wickenden

Dove Shells

Ann Kaiser

The Typical Univalve Mollusk

Ann Kaiser


Ann Kaiser

Moswetuset Hummock

Anna Selby

Swimming at Muir Cheilteach

Anna Selby


Anna Selby


Anthony Lawrence

The Watchtower

Anthony Lawrence

There are too many foxes in London

Bernard Ferguson

Dear Horticultural Mother-in-law…

Caleb Parkin

If the Earth is My Mother

Caleb Parkin

Young animal

Caleb Parkin

Red Tail

Cecelia Ward

Baby Swimming

Charlotte Eichler

Swimming between Islands

Charlotte Eichler

Portrait of Covid-19 as a Greenland Shark

Cheryl Pearson

The Crow

Chris Boyland

Another Empty Room

Chris Heath

Hermit Crab in a Doll’s Head

Cindy Botha


Claudine Toutoungi

Lammas Land

Claudine Toutoungi

Queensland Blue

Diane Mulholland


Elizabeth-Jane Burnett


Ella Duffy

I want to be a jellyfish with spots

Fathima Zahra

Now the eyes are dim

Graham Burchell 

The Carving Around the Entrance

Ian Dudley

To Look at Trees

Ian McEwen

The Amazon Speaks on the Election of Bolsonaro

Isabelle Thompson


Jane Routh

Little rivers feed bigger rivers

Jemma Borg


Jemma Borg

Even this is yours

Jennifer McLean


Jennifer McLean

Aire and Wharfe II

Jennifer McLean

Koonaburra etc etc

Jenny Pollak

Rain Wolf

Jim Lloyd

Round-Leaved Crowfoot at Hopton Castle

Jo Peters

The Emergency

Joanna Guthrie

Florida Keys State Wildlife Refuge

Joanna Guthrie


John White


John White

Sheep at Avebury Stones

Josephine Corcoran

The Stables

Joy Winkler


Kathleen Jones

A Wedding

Kathryn Bevis


Keith Hutson


Kirsten Irving

Small Human Settlements

Kirsten Irving

In the land of Vampires

Kirsten Irving

For Other Bees Do Not Visit This Flower

Lesley Saunders

No flittin’

Linda Goulden

On never having seen a murmuration, then seeing two in two days

Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson


Liz Byrne

The Deer

Lorna Scott


Lorraine Mariner 

Something to show for it

Luke Allan

Natural History

Luke Yates


Luke Yates

Teaching Trees in Priory Park

Marina Sanchez


Mark Haworth-Booth

Northam Churchyard

Mark Haworth-Booth

Thirteen Birds

Mark McGuinness


Mark McGuinness

San Ignacio Lagoon

Mark Roper


Matthew Brown

The Obelisk

Matthew Brown

A time of ending

Meg Mooney


Meredi Ortega

Bewdley 16th February 2020

Miriam Obrey


Miriam Obrey

Hunting the Wren

Miriam Obrey


Miriam Obrey

With The Chilean Climber in Puerto Tranquilo, Patagonia

Monica Joy Fara

The Endangered Naturalist

Morag Smith


P. Q. R. Anderson

Things Happen in Caves

Pat Winslow

The Point

Patrick Errington

On the Wing

Paul Green

Only Goldfinches

Paul Howarth

Bluebell Season

Polly Atkin

13 thoughts on the pasture grasses of Val Taleggio

Rachael Mead

It won’t be a normal year

Ramona Herdman

School reunion

Rob Miles

Snakes have sex too

Rod Whitworth

Fer-De-Lance Trafficker

Samuel Prince 

Reasons Why a young protester will resist until death

Sarah Watkinson

When you left (2)

Sharon Flynn

Half-rotten, half-new

Simon Maddrell

An Owl to Emulate

Sophie Herxheimer

Big and little Dippers

Sophie Herxheimer

Siren Dahlias in the Park

Sophie Herxheimer

Snow Queen

Sue Burge

Rock Me

Susie Wilson

Survival of the Fittest

Susie Wilson

Still Life With Octopus

Tania Hershman

Trying to Identify

Thomasson Taylor

I Am the Silent Lamb They Left Behind

Thomasson Taylor

Nile Perch

Tom Kelly

Arms wide open letting go

Virginia Astley

You smelt of woodsmoke

Virginia Astley

Choosing the right moment to ask

Zillah Bowes