The following, in no particular order, are the shortlisted poets and pamphlets
William Stephenson ‘The Butterfly Factory’
Rachael Matthews ‘Naming Boats’
Anita Pati ‘Dodo Provocateur’
Kat Dixon ‘Letters to Ex-Lovers I Will Never Send’
Patrick Davidson Roberts ‘The Scraped White’
Nicola Bray ‘Boi’
Claire Collison ‘Fantastic Voyage’
Majella Kelly ‘Love,  Sin, Repeat’
Amaan Hyder ‘when it is beyond’
Rebecca Hurst ‘Mapping the Woods’
Georgie Hill ‘My Mother’s Extraordinary Hair’
Robert Hamberger ‘Nude Against a Rock’
We are very pleased to announce that the judge, Richard Scott, has made his choice and that the winner is ‘Dodo Provocateur’ by Anita Pati