Our eminent judge Michael Longley has made his decisions and The Winners are…..

1st Prize £1000 Rae Howells for ‘The Winter-King’

2nd Prize £500 Mark Roper for ‘Owl’

3rd Prize Ty Newydd Course Jane Wheeler for ‘Lark’s Song for a Deserted Farmhouse’

Additional Prize A Walk with Mark Cocker, Susan Mobbs for ‘Mirabelles’

Additional Prize a Walk with Nick Davies, Alexandra Davis for ‘Old Lady Moth’

The Five Prize Winning Poems will be published in Issue 91 of The Rialto

Our grateful thanks to Ty Newydd, Mark Cocker and Nick Davies for the hugely generous contributions to the list of prizes. And thanks also to our partners RSPB, Birdlife International, and Cambridge Conservation Initiative, and of course special thanks to Michael Longley.

Michael’s list of Highly Commended poets and poems follows

‘Mother of the Sea’ by Eveline Pye

‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’ by Petra Regent

‘Portrait of a Poem with a Painting in it’ by Maitreyabandhu

‘Mainis’ by Katherine Duffy

‘The Bittern’ by Sarah Wimbush

‘Teasel’ by Linda France

We’re pleased that once again we have raised a decent sum of money for conservation.


There will be a reading at CCI on June 14 with Michael Longley and the winning poets.

For full details and to buy tickets please click the button on the right.

Long Listed entrants

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Please note the long list is not a list of all entrants.

Long listed entrants.
Rowan Alesha Racine
Old Lady Moth Alexandra Davis
Harvest Andrew Forster
Bombus Bombus Angela Beese
What Happens to your Heart Anna Selby
Sea Cucumbers Anna Selby
Broiler, Male Anna Selby
Goshawk Anthony Lawrence
Intimacy Anthony Lawrence
The Seven Sisters Anthony Watts
Skylark on Stackpole Head Chris Rice
3.5 miles, slight ascent Christine Webb
Sleeping Birds Damon Moore
Apparition David Clarke
You didn’t tell me David Gilbert
The Emperor’s Clothes Doina Percival
The Deer Dom Bury
What if birds only sang when listened to Elizabeth Zetlin
Mother of the Sea Eveline Pye
the hare we found Frith Taylor
Montbretia Gabriella Attems
A River Ought To Be Gail Anderson
The Haul Garry MacKenzie
Belving Giles Goodland
Herb of the Sun Gill Learner
Understory Ginny Saunders
Mollscroll Hannah Linden
The Grey Seal Speaks Helen Pletts
Feather Ian Royce Chamberlain
Thread the Copse Jane Burn
Cockthorpe samhain Jane Wheeler
Larks’ song for a deserted farmhouse Jane Wheeler
The Swifts Jim C Wilson
Gulls John Hancock
Birds of a feather John Maguire
Turnstones Judith Shaw
The Life of Trees and the Childless Julie Maclean
Maínis Katherine Duffy
Bugs Katie Hale
Teasel Linda France
Paterfamilias, Grey Louise G Cole
Returning to Paumanok Lydia Kennaway
Green World M E Muir
Portrait of a Poem with a Painting in it Maitreyabandhu
Feather Majella Cullinane
Fox Studies Mariah Whelan
The Red Admiral in Thirteen Movements Marilyn Hammick
Spring ready Mark Haworth-Booth
Owl Mark Roper
Night Thoughts Mary Cresswell
Moa’s Advice to the Kakapo Mary Cresswell
Tests Mary Woodward
In Green Ink Meredith Hadaway
Two Trees Michael Sharp
Comma Ms S Riley
Blue Damselfly Nicola Warwick
My Welsh Hilll Pat Edwards
Writing with Emily Dickinson Patricia Helen Wooldridge
The Future Tense Patricia Helen Wooldridge
Iron Anniversary Paul Jeffcutt
Zebra Foal in Tesco Car Park Paul Stephenson
Bird Photographer Paul Stephenson
Second Law of Thermodynamics Petra Regent
How we Changed the Rivers Pippa Little
Catastrophic fire danger level 6 Rachael Mead
river dove Rachel J Fenton
River Aire Rae Howells
The winter-king Rae Howells
No Better Than She Should Be Red Ramona Herdman
That fourth morning of autumnal sun …. Roger Elkin
When My Wife is a Hazel Tree Rosamund Taylor
The Bittern Sarah Wimbush
Kookaburra-shooting, Dwellingup WA Sharada Keats
Mindscape with Asiatic Hornet’s Nest Sue Kindon
Mirabelles Susan Mobbs
Anemones Vasiliki Albedo
What Emily Remembers About Her First Trip To The Zoo Veronica Aaronson
To Kill a Spider Wendy Klein