Dear Subscriber,

We have had a serious computer glitch at The Rialto.

This means that:

Some of you haven’t yet received copies of No 71. We are finding out who you are and will send copies as soon as possible.

Subscription Renewal notices were sent out in some cases to the wrong subscribers, i.e. people who were not due to renew. If you got a renewal notice with your magazine please don’t act on it. We’ll be posting new reminders to those of you who are due to renew with this issue.

If you have already sent us a cheque or renewed via PayPal, thank you. We will credit you for the additional issues you have paid for, unless we hear from you to the contrary.
Some copies were sent to old addresses. If you have moved in the last twelve months and have still not received a copy please can you write to us, or email and let us know your plight.

The Rialto may also have been sent to some people who for one reason or another are no longer on the list: we particularly apologise for this.

I am very sorry. It’s made me nostalgic for the days when data was stored on little cards in boxes.

Best Wishes,
Michael Mackmin