I’ve just had the slightly daunting task of trying to find all of The Rialto covers from the last 25 years, scattered as they are to the four winds, or corners of the offices, studios and tenements we variously inhabit. It’s thrown up some rather lovely things I’d forgotten both from before my time in residence and during it, some I’ve done, some I’ve directed and some our junior designers have cut their teeth on with a little bit of prodding. This one for instance is from November 2004, so it marks the 20 year point very roughly, I think it was executed by Ailien our then trainee, we’ve all enjoyed them, and this still stands for me as a quirky favourite. please have a browse if you get a moment, there’s a host of stuff, not all of which is annotated as yet. You will find various works by Clare Jarrett, Paula Rego, Patrick Sutherland and Barbara Hepworth in there, there are a few from our newer covers featuring the likes of Angie Lewin, Richard Heeps, Paul Jackson, Steve Denby, Penny Bhadresa and Chrissy Norman, plus all the odd ideas we’ve cut out of ancient books and stuck together with digital glue because we felt like it at the time.

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Nick Stone